Integrate Passes into Apple Wallet and Google Pay

Integrate passes into your business

The PassKit API is the easiest way to connect your business to billions of iPhone and Android users by digitising and showcasing your loyalty programs, gift cards, offers, reservations, tickets, and so much more. You can engage with your customers anytime through location-based notifications, real-time updates, and messaging. Plus, it’s easy to manage updates at scale through PassKit’s infrastructure. If you don’t see your business application below get in touch and we’ll develop a bespoke API for you in days.


The business centric APIs cater for very specific Mobile Wallet use cases. Using the business centric APIs is the easiest and quickest way to solve for your Mobile Wallet needs. The business centric APIs take care of common business logic and complexity for these use cases.

Would you like to see an API for a use case that isn't mentioned, please let us know.

Member Icon
Members / Loyalty v1.0-rc

API for managing Membership Programs & cards

Coupon Icon
Coupons v1.0

API for managing Coupon Campaigns, Offers & Coupons

Boarding Pass Icon
Flights v1.0

API for managing Flights and issuing Boarding Passes


The common APIs span across the whole platform and complement the business centric APIs in fulfilling their use. The Common APIs can be used to created and manage Pass Templates, Apple Wallet Certificates and Images.
Pass Template Icon
Pass Templates, Locations, Beacons & Links v1.0

API for managing Pass Templates & Designs for Apple Wallet, Google Pay and Data Collection Forms

Images Icon
Images v1.0

API for managing image assets for Pass Templates & Wallet Projects

Certificates Icon
Certificates v1.0

API for managing Apple Wallet Pass Type Identifiers & Certificates

Analytics Icon
Analytics v1.0

API for accessing your project Performance & Metrics.

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Distribution v1.0

API for generating SmartPass links and distribution of your passes via different channels.